Private lessons can have a huge impact on player development:

  • Private lessons allow for a whole range of hockey skills to be covered.
  • Allows the student to work on the things that they need the most help with.
  • Students build a trusting relationship with their instructor that goes beyond that of a team coach.
  • Skill development progresses quickly because, unlike most team training, the development is done in a progressive matter…building one fundamental on top of the other.
  • Corrects bad habits as they develop and re-enforces the good ones.
  • Players can practice, try, fail, and succeed…all without the pressures of the team environment and team coaches watching.  No pressure and positive re-enforcement are the two greatest elements in learning
  • Students quickly see the benefits of self-discipline, routine and hard work and learn the valuable lesson that dedicating oneself to a attaining a specific goal is possible

Our OHC instructors will conduct a full assessment of the Athlete and will hold a post session meeting to break down the desired trajectory. 

Private lessons Rate Per 5 Package 10 Package  
1 on 1  $160 $720 $1,440  
2 on 1  $190 $855 $1,710  
3 on 1  $225 $1,013 $2,026  
4 on 1  $240 $1,080 $2,160  
Group lessons Rate Per 5 Package 10 Package  
5 Players  $250 $1,125 $2,250  
6 Players  $270 $1,215 $2,430 2 Instructors
7 Players  $280 $1,260 $2,520 2 Instructors
8 Players  $280 $1,260 $2,520 2 Instructors


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