OHC Summer Camps

 OHC will offer one of the best overall hockey camp experiences by providing a high end on-ice and off-ice program for each Athlete. Our Summer Camp Program is designed to offer the athlete the attention that is needed to grow, develop, and succeed in a semi private environment. OHC will break down many skill sets and create a development progression that caters to each Athlete. We are determined and have the experience to provide an excellent balanced program for all players.


  • 2 on-ice sessions each day
  • Video Analysis
  • Rapid Shot
  • Rapid Hands
  • Ratio of a maximum of 5:1
  • Professional Instructors
  • Professional Shooting and Hands Coaches
  • Guest Instructors


  • Skating mechanics
  • Edges
  • Footwork and agility
  • Turns, pivots, crossovers
  • Puck protection with edges
  • Stickhandling
  • Shooting in stride
  • Shooting with angle change
  • Shooting in tight
  • Passing
  • Small area games
  • Battle drills

Our OHC Camps are geared to the Hockey Athlete that wants to learn, grow, and become better. We have not designed this program to watch movies and cram the sessions with
20+ kids. We are here to teach the game in a small setting, and we are looking for Athletes and Families that see the value in a TRUE Hockey Camp.

Camp Hours, 9am - 4pm (Full Day Camps)

Loaction: OHC Center Peterborough ON, 


Date Program Level Age      Fee
Summer Camp #1 July 3rd – 7th OHC Skills - Beginner HL 2017-2013 $425
Summer Camp #2 July 10th – 14th Female Skills Camp HL 2017-2013 $425
Summer Camp #3 July 17th – 21st OHC Skills - Intermediate Select-A 2015-2010 $25
Summer Camp #4 July 24th – 28th OHC Skills Advanced A-AA 2013-2010 $425
Summer Camp #5 August 1st – 4th (4 Day) Andrew Verner Goalie Program HL-AAA 2015-2009 $499
Summer Camp #5A August 1st - 4th (4 Day) Defence Camp Select-AAA 2014-2010 $450
Summer Camp #6 August 7th – 11th Female Skills Camp REP 2013-2011 / 2010 -2009 $450
Summer Camp #7 August 14th – 18th AAA Hands & Shooting REP AAA 2013-2011 / 2010 - 2009 $450
Summer Camp #8 August 21st – 25th Tim Turk Shooting Camp REP  2013-2010 / 2009 - 2008 $450