OHC has built a very detailed and intense BODY CHECKING program starting this March. The clinics are one of a kind that provide players with an opportunity for professional instruction on the skills of awareness, angling, body position and body contact. Each session focuses on helping players develop their confidence in physical situations and reduce the likelihood of injury.

2011 Born players heading into Body Checking, this program is perfect for you. 

2 Session Program

Monday Nights 

Session 1

March 25th / April 1st

Location - OHC Center

Group 1 - 4pm 

Group 2 - 5pm (SOLD OUT)

Group 3 - 6pm (SOLD OUT)

Group 4 - 7pm (SOLD OUT)

$95 + HST

Session 2

 April 8th / April 15th  

Location - OHC Center

Group 1 - 5pm (SOLD OUT)

Group 2 - 6pm (SOLD OUT)

Group 3 - 7pm (SOLD OUT)