8 Week Development Program

OHC will be providing an On – Ice Development program that will take on a number of "CORE" skills such as, Skating, Edgework, Shooting, Balance, Agility, Timing and Passing. These skills will be taught in an environment that will continuously develop the players hockey IQ every opportunity. Like all of our programs, OHC takes pride in having good ratios and professional instructors so we can focus our attention to detail, high correction and the reps needed to build the skill. 

10 Players Max

Location OHC Center

8 Week Program        
Spring Development Program Start Date Age Fee
Wednesday 5pm Beginner May 8th 2017-2019 $325
Wednesday 6pm Intermediate (SOLD OUT) May 8th 2014-2016 $325
Wednesday 6pm Advanced May 8th 2011-2013 $325