Develop your skills and techniques to match your love of the game!!!

The Hands and Stick Handling program is designed to build the players ability to control the puck with confidence and speed. This Program will create plenty of reps so the player will be able to hold onto the puck longer and at various speeds. Skaters will be challenged to get comfortable controlling the puck in all three positions around their body (forehand, backhand, and mid-body) and be able to make a play from all three positions.

STARTS October 12th

(8 week program)

OHC Development Wednesday (7AM) Friday (7AM)
Stick Handling  2015-2013 2012-2010
  October 12th October 14th
  October 19th October 21st
  October 26th October 28th
  November 2nd November 4th
  November 9th November 11th
  November 16th November 18th
  November 23rd November 25th
  November 30th December 2nd


10 Players per session only!!!

Fee  $300 + hst