OHC Defence Program

Our ELITE Defence program will focus on all aspects, skills and tactics to be an ELITE defencemen. Derrick Walser, OHL Petes coach and ex Professional will break it down so each and every player understands all the detail work in order to achieve the next level. This program will be a fun and fast-paced program which will incorporate both the offensive and defensive sides of the ever-changing game of hockey.

2022 Program Schedule 

The 2022 Development Sessions will be ran at the OHC Center 

Each Session will run 80 Minutes and in 2 groups of 4, a semi private environment 

Sessions will start at 6:45am and will end at 8:05am

Players will get 40 Minutes of Private on Ice training and 40 minutes of technical off ice shooting, puck handling, accuracy shooting and balance/agility training. 

Best of all we kept the 2021 Rate of $320 and gave you more!!

Don't forget, all Development students get 1 hour each week to access the Rapid Shot, Rapid Hands and everything in our off Ice area.


January 4th
February 1st
February 8th
February 15th
February 22nd
March 1st
March 8th
March 22nd


Lead OHC Instructor

Derrick Walser BIO