OHC Elite Class

This is a BRAND NEW program designed by OHC owner and Program Coordinator, Michael Farrugia. Michael has taken his 20+ years of development, coaching and skating theory and designed the ultimate development package.

This program Michael has developed will offer the following…

  • Edgework
  • Balance
  • Speed
  • Motor Skill training
  • Game like decision making

You will also be taught the correct posture, body positioning and how to move at top speeds the most efficient way possible. This is not a "draw a drill and run program". This is an advanced program that will offer all the proper corrections and knowledge needed to get to the next level.

Did you know - Michael made Hockey Canada history in 2017/2018 by coaching teams to an OMHA, OHF, Buckland Cup (OJHL), and Dudley Cup (CHJL) Championships in one season. 


Kinsmen Arena, Peterborough On

April 20th 11am-12pm
May 11th 11am-12pm
May 18th 11am-12pm
May 25th 11am-12pm
June 1st 11am-12pm
June 8th 11am-12pm
June 15th 11am-12pm
June 21st 4:00pm-5:00pm
July 6th 11am-12pm
July 7th 11am-12pm