August Peterborough Pre Tryout Program - 2022

Welcome to our 2022 Pre Tryout Program - August Addition 


 Our OHC team will focus on all the areas needed to gain the tryout edge. Speed and Agility are huge assets in tryouts and our program will have a high focus on those skills. It is essential that during tryouts players can adapt quickly and pick up the most complex drills. Our Pre Try out program will offer the most advanced drills that will require game like thinking and split decision thinking that will help you stand out!! 

Players will receive 8 on ice sessions, 1 Development Session and 1 Coached/Officiated Game per week.


Derrick Walser, John Druce, Jody Hull, Michael Farrugia and many more

This program is limited to 24 Players and 4 Goalies per group

 Arena - Cavan Community Center

 Day Date 5pm 6:00pm (6:30pm)
Tuesday August 2nd  2013-2012 Development   2011-2010 Development (6:30)
Wednesday August 3rd 2013-2012 Game 2011-2010 Game (6:00)
Tuesday August 9th 2013-2012 Development  2011-2010 Development (6:30)
Wednesday August 10th 2013-2012 Game 2011-2010 Game (6:00)
Tuesday August 16th 2013-2012 Development  2011-2010 Development (6:30)
Wednesday August 17th 2013-2012 Game 2011-2010 Game (6:00)
Tuesday August 23rd 2013-2012 Development  2011-2010 Development (6:30)
Wednesday August 24th 2013-2012 Game 2011-2010 Game (6:00)